Bobby Dishell

Bobby Dishell is a student at the University of Colorado Law School in the Tax Emphasis Program. Upon graduation, he hopes to work on public-private partnerships, real estate, and public financing. Bobby co-founded the Wolverine Support Network during his time as Student Body President at the University of Michigan. After his time at Michigan, Bobby spent two years in Baltimore as a Teach for America Corps Member where he was a founding member of Happy Teacher Revolution and currently serves on their advisory board. 


Bobby is passionate about mental health, peer support, and community development. Bobby's leadership and work have been featured in Endzone (#6 NY Times Best Selling Book), Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Education Week, Detroit Free Press, GQ, Forward, and other publications. 

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Emily Lustig

Emily Lustig is a PhD student in Psychology at Georgia Tech with a concentration in Cognitive Aging. Her research in memory and aging emphasizes creating mental and behavioral changes to increase individuals’ self-regulation and awareness. At the University of Michigan, Emily was one of the founding directors of the Wolverine Support Network while serving as Student Body Vice-President alongside Bobby Dishell. She was also the Program Assistant for Beyond the Diag, where she created newsletters and events to build off-campus community and enhance the safety of more than 28,000 students.

Emily has been featured on MSNBC’s Student Women Leaders in Politics and is currently a Ruth L. Kirschstein NIH National Research Service Award fellow. Additionally, she’s a trained leadership coach where she practices her skills to help empower others to build self-awareness, improved communication, and enable their own growth-mindset. Emily is passionate about breaking down barriers and helping others succeed.


Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis is the Director of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services at Mental Health America (MHA) where she works to promote the expansion of peer support throughout health care. She also leads MHA’s Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council, which is dedicated to highlighting and expanding student-led programs that fill gaps in traditional services and supports on campus.


Kelly is passionate about empowerment, civil rights, positive psychology, peer support, and trauma-informed care. She has spoken about her lived experience at the Obama White House and on NBC Nightly News and has been featured in the Mighty, Mashable, University Business, Recovery Campus, and Yes! Magazine. She is a member of the advisory council for the Well Being Trust and is on the National Youth Advisory Council for Doors to Wellbeing, where she helped lead the first national youth-run, youth-focused mental health conference and developed a three-day youth empowerment training curriculum.

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Max Rothman

Max Rothman graduated from The University of Michigan with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business. He has spent the majority of his time working on mental health advocacy through Wolverine Support Network, serving as a director for three years and as a leader in the organization’s inaugural semester. Max is currently a Commercial Real Estate Financial Analyst at Wells Fargo, as well as a co-host of The Great Shot Podcast.

Max was also a member of various mental health organizations including Athletes Connected, Mental Health America's Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council (CMHIC), and Co-Chair of the Central Student Government Mental Health Task Force (MHTF). He helped identify problems related to campus climate and resources at Michigan, and co-authored a report that made 13 recommendations towards holistic mental health improvements. For his work, Max received the 2018 Jed Foundation’s Student Voice of Mental Health Award.


Samuel Orley

Samuel Orley is an Investment Banking Associate at Greentech Capital, a sustainability-focused advisory firm. He graduated with Distinction from University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, where he served as Wolverine Support Network's Executive Director. During this time, the organization grew to 600+ students and received interest from students and administrators at 40+ universities across the country.


In loving memory of his brother George, Sam is determined to transform the social stigmas, timing inconveniences and financial burdens often associated with mental health and help-seeking. At Ross, he participated in the Center for Positive Organizations' Magnify Immersion Program and as a panelist or keynote for various mental health-related events. He has served as a Member of Mental Health America's Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council (CMHIC) and was the 2018 recipient of UM Depression Center's Student Mental Health Advocate Award and JED Foundation's Student Voice of Mental Health Award.

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Sonia Doshi

Sonia Doshi is the Manager of Strategic Initiatives for the Walt Disney Studios Technology team in Los Angeles. She was previously a Product Manager and Learning Experience Designer at a start-up called Imbellus. She received her Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology from the Stanford Graduate School of Education, where she designed a platform called Huddle for undergraduates to work with their dorm-mates to navigate difficult conversations about mental illness. She's been working in mental health advocacy, design, and research for over 5 years.


For her work, Sonia received the Jed Foundation's 2015 Student Voice of Mental Health award. She served as a Board Member for the Steve Fund's Youth Advisory Board and the UMSI Alumni Society Board. She's been featured in The "O" Oprah Magazine, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, USA Today, CBS News, and other releases speaking about the importance of college student mental health support and advocacy. She is incredibly excited about the growing conversation around college student mental health and continues to advocate for these causes at a local and national level.


Victor Schwartz M.D.

Victor has over 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist working in college mental health. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine. Victor was medical director of NYU’s Counseling Service, established a counseling center at Yeshiva University where he subsequently served as the University Dean of Students. He was an original member of the American Psychiatric Association’s Presidential Task Force on College Mental Health, co-chair of the APA working group on legal issues in college mental health and is an APA Distinguished Life Fellow.


Victor served as a co-chair of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Committee on the College Student and has served as an advisor to HBO, Dear Evan Hansen, NCAA, NFL and NBA. He is co-editor with Dr. Jerald Kay, of Mental Health Care in the College Community (Wiley, 2010). Victor received a B.A. from Yeshiva College, earned his M.D. from SUNY Downstate Medical College and completed his Residency in Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center-Bellevue Hospital.