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TSN’s Ambassadors help engage and expand the community operational capabilities.

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Adriana Allman

Adriana Allman is a first-year graduate student at Columbia University studying advanced clinical social work practice with a focus in health, mental health, and disabilities. She is primarily interested in modalities that address substance abuse and heal trauma, and seeks to offer interventions that honor the intersectionality of historically oppressed identities including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Her volunteer and practicum work include being a Certified Support Specialist with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and a research assistant with Columbia's Social Intervention Group.

Prior to Columbia, Adri worked at Exygy designing technology solutions for government and nonprofit organizations. She also assisted Hopelab, a social innovation firm, in the creation of behavior change tech to increase resilience in LGBTQ+ youth. After 16 years of competitive dance, Adri graduated from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business where she served as Wolverine Support Network's Marketing & Outreach Director.


Nick Brdar

Nick is a recent graduate of University of Michigan, where he received a B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology. He joined Wolverine Support Network his first semester, and since then has served as a group leader, Director of Program Development, and Executive Director. During his time, he presented at the 2022 NASPA Strategies Conference and the Depression on College Campuses Conference. Additionally, Nick chaired UM’s chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and executed one of the largest Out of the Darkness Campus Walks. He currently works as a Support Group Facilitator for Garrett’s Space, an Ann Arbor nonprofit supporting young adults with mental illness. His passion areas focus on suicide prevention, men’s mental health, and trauma-informed care. These passions are rooted in his experience with depression and suicidality and hopes his story serves as a reminder that there is hope. He plans to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, working at the intersection of clinical research and suicide prevention advocacy.

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Katherine Connolly

Katherine is a graduate student at the University Of Denver's School of Social Work. She began her career in mental health advocacy at Kenyon College as an officer of the Peer Counselors, a grassroots collective of students that provided a 24/7 crisis line, weekly groups, and more. Inspired by the power of community care, Katherine served as an AmeriCorps member teaching Youth Mental Health First Aid to organizations in the Portland metro area. She now volunteers as an Ending the Silence presenter, National Alliance on Mental Illness coach, and crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line. Katherine served as a Program Evaluator for TSN in 2021, utilizing her experience to provide feedback on growth areas for TSN operations. Her perspective is rooted in lived experience, and the belief that students with mental illnesses are not liabilities, but assets to their communities who are deserving of autonomy, compassion, and respect.


Sarah Dalley

Sarah is a Senior Member Growth Marketer at Spring Health, a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Throughout her professional and personal career, Sarah has been a witness to and a proponent of the power of communications; she is passionate about using conversation to form meaningful connections and facilitate positive change. In memory of the lives of her friends, Sarah is passionate about mental health advocacy and is devoted to using her marketing and communications work to improve the conversation and remove the stigma. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications. Prior to becoming an Ambassador, Sarah served on the TSN Board of Directors for three years. 


Kelly Davis 

Kelly is the Director of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services at Mental Health America (MHA) where she works to promote the expansion of peer support throughout health care. She also leads MHA’s Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council, which is dedicated to highlighting and expanding student-led programs that fill gaps in traditional services and supports on campus. She has spoken about her lived experience at the Obama White House and on NBC Nightly News and has been featured in the Mighty, Mashable, University Business, Recovery Campus, and Yes! Magazine. She is a member of the advisory council for the Well Being Trust and is on the National Youth Advisory Council for Doors to Wellbeing, where she helped lead the first national youth-run, youth-focused mental health conference and developed a three-day youth empowerment training curriculum.


Bobby Dishell

Bobby is a student at the University of Colorado Law School in the Tax Emphasis Program. Upon graduation, he hopes to work on public-private partnerships, real estate, and public financing. Bobby co-founded the Wolverine Support Network during his time as Student Body President at the University of Michigan. After his time at Michigan, Bobby spent two years in Baltimore as a Teach for America Corps Member where he was a founding member of Happy Teacher Revolution and currently serves on their advisory board. Bobby is passionate about mental health, peer support, and community development. Bobby's leadership and work have been featured in Endzone (#6 NY Times Best Selling Book), Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Education Week, Detroit Free Press, GQ, Forward, and other publications.


Courtney Fortin

Courtney is a UX Designer currently working at Indeed. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Information Science and minors in Business and Digital Studies. Serving on the Wolverine Support Network director team for two years, she strategized marketing and design efforts to increase digital engagement and brand recognition. Courtney is passionate about promoting mental health in all facets of her life and the lives of those around her. Her passion for mental health allows her to practice empathy and hone in on vulnerability in her personal and professional relationships. She hopes to combine her passion for technology and design to use digital technologies to promote the importance of mental health and support systems. As someone who has struggled with mental health issues throughout her life, Courtney is devoted to continuing TSN's mission and creating a world where no student ever feels alone.


Caylin Luebeck

Caylin is serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA in North Carolina before getting her Masters in Public Health with a focus on health equity, social justice, and human rights. She is an advocate for families who have recently experienced homelessness. As a VISTA, she connects families to community resources such as mental health workshops, conversations on their experiences, and more. Caylin has worked for several organizations including The Ecology Center, The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, and The Community Enrichment Project. Each nonprofit seeks to amplify the voices of those not often heard. She is excited to research ways to bring mental health to the forefront of people’s minds, engage in conversations on advocacy for college students and learn more about others’ college experiences.


Nathan Nemon

Nathan is a clean energy professional in the Bay Area with a passion for people and the planet. Currently, Nathan works at Tesla managing growth for the residential energy business where he's excited to enable more people to power their life using solar and batteries while also reducing their reliance on the grid. Prior, Nathan lived in New York and attended Harvard Business School and Northwestern University. He loves sports, music, the outdoors, and seeing the world. Nathan is inspired by the power of mental health therapy to deal with trauma and the regular challenges of today's world. He's been in and out of therapy over the years, and believes it's a healthy practice no matter how things are going. He wants to see digital tools and data analysis create new opportunities for underserved populations, including the college campuses TSN targets, to gain access to important health resources. He's an investor in Marvin, a mental health startup focused on the healthcare vertical and is always keen to meet people innovating in the space. Nathan is committed to helping students gain access to TSN and benefiting from the power of its community.


Lizzy Pratt

Lizzy is a Privacy and Data Public Policy Manager at Facebook. She previously was a Product Manager at Facebook and data scientist prior to that. Lizzy was a founding director of Wolverine Support Network at the University of Michigan, focusing on leader development. She also served as Chief Programming Officer for the Central Student Government and on the Panhellenic Association's Executive Board. Having suffered from a major depressive episode upon entering college, Lizzy's focus is on making sure all students have a community from their first day on campus to after graduation. She has focused on community building in both her personal and professional career, being involved with program development for the Facebook Rotational Product Manager program and serving on culture committees to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace.


Sam Rosenberg

Sam is an Associate Principal on the Business Operations team at Via, a transportation technology company aiming to enable accessible and sustainable transit across the world. Previously, he worked as an Investment Banking Analyst at Citi and also spent a short time at UT Southwestern Medical Center, working in clinical research for the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care. Sam has been passionate about mental health from a young age and is inspired by his mother, who is a psychiatric social worker. He studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and had the opportunity to complete research on anxiety disorders as an undergrad. He is passionate about growing The Support Network’s reach and ensuring that all students have the resources to overcome their struggles with mental health.


Steven Rosenberg

Steven graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 with a degree in Economics & Spanish. He has worked as a Special Education Paraprofessional, ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher, Men's Peer Support Group Facilitator, and most recently, a Sales/Business Development professional in the events industry, with a large focus in Healthcare. He has traveled to over 35 countries, living in both Argentina and Brazil, where he learned Spanish and Portuguese. Travel has always been a big part of Steven's life, as he loves to push the boundaries of his comfort zone, meet new people, and be exposed to new ways of thinking and being. Steven's interest in Mental Health started when he was 19 and a Sophomore in college... He began to struggle significantly with his own well-being and recognized that he had two options: To call it quits, or to take a deep dive inward to better understand himself and learn what was causing such agony, fear, and hopelessness. Diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and OCD in 2014, Steven began his journey with Mental Health & Personal Development, and this path has brought a deep sense of joy and fulfillment into his life. He loves to share his story and connect with others who are struggling, and being involved in TSN gives him an incredible opportunity to help those dealing with thoughts, feelings, and challenges that he knows so well.

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