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Launch Your Own Support Network

Getting started

We help schools develop their own Support Network by offering foundational guidance, shared best practices, operational consultation, and accountability to setup, scale, and sustain a Support Network.

1. Initial Interest

2. Hold introductory calls

3. Share TSN License Agreement

4. Provide instructional manuals

5. Integrate new students

6. Provide continuous support

Fill out our new campus interest form to start the conversation. We welcome interest from passionate students and administrators alike!

We will then share a program overview and hold introductory calls to gauge alignment.

We will share our TSN License Agreement, which ensures accountability and model integrity.

After signing our TSN License Agreement, we will provide our TSN Blueprint (comprehensive instruction manual) and “Peer-to-Peer Training Guide” as well as consultation to inform, empower and support students and administrators towards a successful launch. 

The new student Director Team joins The Support Network’s web-based portal (Slack), which includes all Support Network Directors and  TSN Board of Directors, in order to fully roll-out the organization and quickly troubleshoot operations

After launching, we provide operational consultation and facilitates cross-campus collaboration. We will also collect insights from each campus to strengthen the model and enhance best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to get started?

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