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The Support Network Welcomes Caitlin Briody as First Full-Time Team Member, Aims to Increase Student Access to Peer Support

The Support Network (TSN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit advancing student mental health, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Caitlin Briody as its Program Manager. As the first full-time team member, Briody will significantly expand the organization’s capacity to scale and reach more students.

Amidst America’s mental health crisis, college students are among the hardest hit. Yet research shows that they are also a critical and often-overlooked part of the solution. Peers are the first resource students prefer to turn to in times of despair, and students represent the most potent source of influence on one another. According to one student, “[TSN’s] Weekly Groups are the reason I’m still here today”.

Students across the country are seeking in-person outlets to build resilient, high-quality connections and access support—and colleges are taking note. In a recent survey of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD), 94% of counseling center directors were interested in implementing some type of peer support program on their campus. With recent expansion interest from 150+ schools, TSN recognizes its growth potential and looks forward to reaching new heights under Briody’s leadership.

As TSN’s Program Lead, Briody will be dedicated to furthering the success of existing programs across 8 campuses and the expansion to new schools throughout the country. Her connection to TSN’s mission is profound and rooted in her own college experiences navigating the stigma of mental health. This personal journey fuels her passion to create supportive communities where students can openly address their mental well-being. Briody joins The Support Network with experience from United Way and the advocacy organization Young Invincibles, where she facilitated programs, built coalitions, and empowered students to change their communities. During the pandemic she led the creation of the Illinois Campus Mental Health Learning Collaborative, a program that brought campus leaders together to share best practices and advocate for robust student mental health services in Illinois.

“The success to date would not be possible without our incredible community of donors and volunteers. While volunteers will continue to play an important role in TSN's future, Caitlin Briody’s addition marks a pivotal moment for the growth of the organization, as we seek to expand our impact through greater student participation. Her background in mental health advocacy and student-centric programming is a natural fit with TSN’s mission and culture.” - TSN’s Board of Directors


About The Support Network

The Support Network (TSN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps address and promote student mental health and well-being through the launch and development of peer support initiatives in high schools and colleges. Our model empowers students across the country to create an inclusive community and support each other’s identity, mental well-being, and day-to-day lives through peer-facilitated groups and bi-weekly community events. We provide the blueprint and advisory to launch an effective peer-to-peer support model with student Leaders, working jointly with administrators.

Currently, TSN has partnered with 8 college campuses and 1 high-school. In total, this represents thousands of student participants, 200+ trained facilitators, and ~50 student Directors that are making a difference on their campus and beyond.

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