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[Mascot] Support Network

Because Life Happens

Thank you for your interest in the [Mascot] Support Network! 

We are a campus organization that fundamentally works to de-stigmatize mental health through confidential weekly, peer-facilitated groups, while holistically working to create an inclusive community dedicated to empathy, trust, and relationship building through network-wide stress-busting events. 

Please reach out to the [Mascot] Support Network Director Team (, with any questions. 



We offer peer-facilitated support groups (~6-12 students per group) that are cost-free and confidential for all students at [Campus].


The Weekly Groups are led by students, who have been trained with holistic health and well-being resources to create a refreshingly accessible space and facilitate inclusive and engaging dialogue.

When? Where?

Weekly Groups are held on campus in 1-hour time slots. Join us this semester, by signing up above! Group is scheduled for the semester at your convenience, so be sure to indicate times where you are most available! Members are expected to attend each week's group throughout the semester, which usually last 1 hour. 

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